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Home Appraisers Near YouHome appraisers near you. HomeBlue can help connect you to a home appraiser in your local area. Just request an appraisal quote and we will do our best to locate a local appraiser for you.

How much does a home appraisal cost? The cost information on our website is intended to be general information. We have developed a number of home appraisal cost guides. that will help you understand the general cost of this service. If you are looking for an exact home appraisal cost near you, we recommend that you request an appraisal estimate from a local appraiser. The cost of hiring a real estate appraiser will depend on several factors, including your geographic location and the size of the property. Residential appraisals are typically more affordable than commercial appraisals. Also, while some appraisers charge a fixed fee per job, other property appraisers may charge an hourly rate for their services.

How can I find a local appraiser? 1) ask a real estate agent, 2) ask a bank who they like to work with, 3) Let us connect you to an appraiser in your area. The pros in our network provide free cost estimates for a variety of different projects. We will help you find a professional to take care of your project needs. It does not matter if it is a small house or a large plot of land, we will find an appraiser to help you out.

What does a property appraiser do? The job of the appraiser is to provide their unbiased opinion about the value of a given property. Many factors help to determine the value of the property, including the size (square footage or acreage), overall condition, and geographic location. The appraiser will also use “comparables”, or similar properties in the neighborhood, to determine the market value of property.

Why do I need an appraisal? There are several reasons that you may need a real estate appraisal. Here are the most common reasons: 1) purchase a home, 2) refinance a mortgage, 3) settle an estate, 4) divide assets in a divorce, 5) file an insurance claim, 6) or determine a tax settlement. No matter why you need the appraisal, we can find a local professional to meet your needs. Free quotes from appraisers.

What is considered a residential appraisal? A home appraisers specializes in the appraisal of single family homes, apartments, condos, and duplexes. When purchasing a home, your mortgage lender will almost always require an appraisal before the final approval of your loan. This helps to protect the lender’s investment. Find local home appraisers.

What is a FHA loan? A FHA (or Federal Housing Administration) loan is a mortgage loan that is insured by the federal government. If there ever comes a time where you can’t pay your mortgage, the lender’s investment is protected. In order to secure a FHA loan, the appraisal must meet certain guidelines set by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Free home appraisal cost estimates.

What is considered a commercial real estate appraisal? Commercial real estate appraisers work to determine the value of office buildings, warehouses, restaurants, shopping malls, retail stores, hotels, and other commercial properties. The cost of a commercial real estate appraisal will depend on a number of different factors, including the size of the property, the general condition of the facilities, and the location. Find local commercial appraisers.

How do I select a property appraiser. It is not easy to find a local appraisal professional. Maybe we can help. Complete a request form with information about your project. We will help match your request with a professional in our network. You will receive a price estimate without cost. Our service is time efficient and you have no obligation to hire the professional we match you to. Get matched to home appraisers near you.

Our site will save you the hassle of looking in the phone book, calling someone, waiting for a call, and then scheduling an appointment. With our service, you submit your request outlining your project details. Businesses that are interested in completing your project request contact you and provide you a quote. The companies that have the time and interest will contact you. If you would like to get a better understanding of how much appraisal services cost, check out our appraiser cost guide.

We suggest that you review the license and insurance of the professional you select. We also suggest that you call references or review the ratings and reviews from previous customers.

Please note: When using our site, understand that it is your responsibility to select the professional you are interested in working with. Any contract or agreement you have with a contractor is between you and the company you select and does not involved our program. By using our website, you agree that should you have a dispute with any company, you must address such dispute directly with the business that performed the work. You also agree to release C. David Venture Management, LLC (and our officers, directors, affiliates, directors, affiliates, employees, and agents) from any damages or claims arising out of or in any way connected with such disputes.

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